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Sajou 15 milliner sewing needles Sajou booklet

Sajou 15 milliner sewing needles Sajou booklet

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15 assorted milliner sewing needles n°3 to n°9 - Sajou booklet

These sharp tip needles are used to tack, to gather, to oversew...
Details of the needles:
  • one n°3 - measuring 55mm with a diametre of 1mm,
  • four n°5 - measuring 51mm with a diametre of 0.86mm,
  • five n°7 - measuring 47mm with a diametre of 0.53mm,
  • three n°9 - measuring 43mm with a diametre of 0.53mm.
Presented in a booklet printed with women wearing hats. This booklet is identical to the presentations of yesteryear: the needles are threaded onto black ribbon and stapled to the card.
Size of booklet: 9cm x 4cm.

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