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Sajou Cotton sewing thread box 12 spools pastel tones

Sajou Cotton sewing thread box 12 spools pastel tones

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Fil Au Chinois 100% cotton sewing thread - Box 12 pastel tones

Assortment 2 of classic high quality resistant 100% cotton thread. It is made of three strands of Egyptian cotton which is twisted, singed and mercerised. As well as classic sewing, this thread is absolutely perfect for machine embroidery as well as hand and machine quilting. It can also be used on long arm quilting machines.
Content: sky blue/6750 - periwinkle/6752 - forget-me-not/6726 - lilac/6603 - camellia/6566 - coral/6562 - pistachio/6830 - jade/6802 - lily/6323 - ecru/6308 - sable/6245 - mouse/6110.
Length on each spool: 100 metres.
Size of each spool: 4.8cm high, 2.5cm diametre.
This assortment is presented in a lovely cardboard box which is covered in a pretty green paper with Fil Au Chinois labels. It can be used as a presentation box.
Size of box: 10cm long, 7.5cm wide, 5.5cm high.

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